Product Repair (RMA)

The following procedure outlines the process for returning equipment for warranty and non-warranty


Please call +966 11 461 2552, the following information must be provided:

 Model and serial number of each unit being retuned

 Brief description of the problem for each unit

 Contract number and turn time, if applicable

 Contact, billing and return shipment addresses

 Billable payment process for any non-warranty repairs.  We will provide the flat rate service fee

for your repair.

Please note: equipment shipped to repair without above information and our conformation will delay your

repair from being processed and may be returned to you without being serviced.

Please secure your product with sufficient packing to prevent further damage during shipping and return

the package prepaid.  Upon receipt of your product we will repair the equipment per the flat rate fee or

contracted pricing structure and ship the equipment back to the location specified by you.