KTC Vision/ Mission & Core Values These core values represent the principles by which Karin Technology Company operate and are committed to upholding in our day to day business activities with clients and one another, placing a high value on character as well as performance, honor as well as success. Vision: Our vision is to keep moving forward to become a leading Automation, engineering and contracting company in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and eventually in the region.

Mission: We are committed to provide total satisfaction to our clients in accordance with their requirements and needs on a timely manner, high quality products and services within their budget while respecting the environment in which we work and live. Our skilled and experienced employees are our strength. Our people are our ambassadors to lead, guide and direct our teams by developing project implementation and monitoring policies, processes and systems. We provide necessary training to have a skilled and confident workforce that can meet the challenges presented to them and provide efficient and excellent outcomes. We are committed, also, to achieve our client’s objectives by completing of contracts of high standards quality in a safe, timely and environmentally sound manner.

Our Core Values:

  • Team spirit and hard work
  • Commitment to quality and excellence
  • Prudence, integrity and determination to succeed in spite of odds
  • Safety without accident
  • Determination to cross the threshold and finish like a champion